5 Features Commonly Found in Successful iOS Apps

Apple’s App Store is the second largest mobile app marketplace behind Google’s Play Store. With 2.2 million apps available to the iOS device users currently, the market for business applications is booming whether you are selling products or a service.

As with any tech product, in order to stand out and have a lasting impact, any iOS app development company in New Jersey often works closely with business owners to incorporate certain features. We take a look at which common factors are behind successful mobile apps on the Apple App Store.

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Unique Identity

A mobile today can serve the same purpose as the other (e.g. sell t-shirts online) but the reason why one may be preferred to the other are unique features that the app offers its users. This can offering customized features, personalized experience or in simple terms, better user experience. Some of the factors which contribute towards the uniqueness are approach towards the target audience, app platform and hardware performances.

Sharp Design

When you’re thinking about iOS mobile application, you simply cannot ignore the design element. Most iPhones and iPads today have amazing resolution, a crisp display which enhance the user experience. With such a target market, having weak, faulty design that is not aesthetically appealing is a big disadvantage! Design is important as it can have that magnetic first impression on the user and is often a deciding factor behind users staying loyal to an app.

Secured Development

As it is widely known, the App Store unlike Play Store is a closed marketplace. What this essentials means for business owners is that only the apps which are fully secure and have top development can get accepted. Proper optimization, data security, user permissions are some of the key elements that are looked at when determining how good app development has been.

Integrated Analytics

As a business owner who wants to launch an iOS app, one should be aware of the features that can help in growing the business and making the app better once it has launched on the marketplace. Backend analytics is one such feature that can help in business intelligence and decision making. When users interact with the app, it can reveal a lot of things once a pattern is generated, thus, analytics forms a key base for any successful mobile app.

Constant Improvements

Once the app is live on the iOS marketplace, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done constantly in the back-end. For example: If a business owner has hired iOS app development company in New Jersey for the development work, both the parties know that maintenance, big fixes, new security measures etc. is a requirement that may occur from time to time even after the app is live!

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