Creative Housewarming Gift Ideas

Creative housewarming gift ideas should really speak to the new homeowner. While many opt for getting traditional housewarming gifts, like new knives or olive oil, you can also consider getting the new homeowners something creative, although that doesn’t mean it can’t be practical or have meaning. In fact, you might even consider getting them a traditional gift with a creative twist. Here are some creative housewarming gift ideas.:

Wine-of-the-Month Club Membership
Wine is also considered a traditional housewarming gift because it comes with the hope that the owners always have joy and never have thirst in their new home. So a wine-of-the-month club is perfect for a creatively thought-out traditional housewarming gift. You can start housewarming gift ideas by offering them a nice bottle of wine with a note that they are new members of the wine club! They can now expect a new selection of wines to be sent to their new home every month. Memberships to the club are usually three, six, or twelve months long, so you can choose how long you would like to give them a membership.

Gift Card to a Hardware Store
A gift card to a hardware store can be a great gift for the new homeowners – especially if they already have plans to remodel their home in some way or repaint a room. Aside from home improvement projects, there are a great many other things that they can get at a home improvement store that has nothing to do with fixing up the place. They may choose to get a new outdoor bar-be-que or even some new indoor and outdoor plants to liven up the place. They can even get some outdoor patio furniture, which would be great especially if they are thrilled about their new backyard or deck.

Restaurant / City Guide
If the new homeowners have recently moved into a large city that they’ve never lived in before, then consider getting them a little touristy guide about their city! They will have access to reviews for all the great sites in their new town and all the great restaurants that they should try. This is a great gift that will encourage them to get outside of their new dwelling and explore the neighborhood. This can also come in handy if they often have house guests because now they will have a guide for all of their guests to pour over as well.

Gift Certificates to Local Restaurants and/or Cafes
If you are familiar with their new town or live in the same area, then you might consider getting them some gift certificates to the best places in town! Consider the best restaurants, movie theatres, coffee shops, salons, and all the other staple places that people go to. This will definitely be a great way to get them out of the house and into their new city. It will be a great way for you to introduce them to places that they might not be able to find in any touristy guide book. And the sooner they get out and experience what the city has to offer, then the more comfortable they will feel in their new home.

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