Do I Really Have to Use a Funded Proposal?

Many articles are written and websites are built about how to create a sales funnel. If you take your time and research the Internet you will find lots of information how to do that. Even endless videos are available for free on various video sharing websites with diagrams and presentations explaining the sales funnel principle. Having a sales funnel in place is like having your own automated sales agent working for you 24/7, even when you sleep or when you are on holiday. You will also learn in your research the various marketing strategies currently used to start attracting people to your sales funnel. Therefore building such an automated sales agent is a clever task to do for any online business activity. clickfunnels mlm scam This will take time, but this time and sweat spent once can create sales and sign-ups for years to come. As above mentioned numerous articles and websites are available showing you the steps of how to build such a system. But this article goes further and explains an additional concept you can implement into your sales process.

Having a sales funnel in place lets you start filtering through your visitors to the ones who at the end will engage into the purchase process and a sale or sign-up will be recorded on your books. This filtering process means as well that not all visitors who will enter your list through squeeze pages will turn out as customers or sign-ups in your online business. When you follow the statistics only a small percentage will come to a purchase decision at the end of your sales funnel (to whom you will hopefully try to up sell as well) and hence a huge potential to make online revenue is gone… if no funded proposal is in place to make more sales.

Let us discover what a funded proposal can do for you.

A funded proposal can be a product, service or system which is beneficial for both the visitor and you. Hence I call it a win/win concept for both parties involved. A funded proposal is used for people who said NO to your ultimate product or business opportunity in the first place. With none converted visitors into customers or opportunity sign-ups for your main purpose of the established sales funnel you run the risk to have to fund your main business or product still out of your own pocket. This in turn will lead that you have to work harder in your marketing efforts to guide and lead more people to your landing page with the attempt to convert traffic into sales. But with funded proposals in place you will have the opportunity to capture and convert even the NO’s into profit.

How do you use funded proposals?

After people signed up to your main purpose list you will monitor their activities. If not the desired outcome was achieved, you have now the opportunity to remain in regular contact with these potential customers. From this point onwards your main focus shall be to offer your expertise, additional products, services and systems which can assist them in their current activities online and offline. But do not miss to include always your main offer through which they joined your list initially. A visitor who once said NO to your main purpose can be in a total different circumstance after a certain period of time, which can result in a positive decision for your main goal of your sales funnel. And do not forget any revenue coming in through a funded proposal can be taken to support your business opportunity or the cost of your product creation.

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