Know The Process of Creating a Social Media Posting Schedule

It is very important that for every business you must make a plan or schedule for you upcoming days work so that at the end of the week things don’t get messed up. This is also same when we are talking about social media marketing in Kolkata. It is essential to create a social media schedule for better marketing process.

Understand which social media channel is suitable for your business :

For any business, it is important that you must start promoting your brand on Facebook. But there are also other social media channels which you must choose very wisely.

How often should you Post in Social Media?

There are different kind of questions we hear about posting in social media is to post what and what not? So here is a guide for all and some information about these social media channels. Whatsapp GB

Facebook- This is the largest social media platform and having the largest users also. In this particular platform there are around 1.9 billion users. It has huge benefit to your business as it helps to reach large section of audiences and good platform for advertising your brand. You can posts videos, images, links, and blogs. You must post on Facebook at least once or twice a day. Nowadays you can see that videos in Facebook pages gets more shares and likes than other form of posts.
Twitter- In this platform also there are lots of users who focuses on having qualitative conversation and sharing suitable information. Almost it has more than 300 million monthly users. It helps to have communication with your customers and build up connection with people of similar industries. You can post several questions, feedback, links almost 5 tweets in a day.
LinkedIn – This particular social media platform is focused on various business and accumulates information relates to various industries. You can post some content related to your business and industry.
Pinterest – This kind of social platform that mainly focuses on visuals. Users may pin images based on their choice of hobbies or topics. You can include pins that have a link with your brand and can pull more traffic to your website.
Decide how you will segregate your time :

Don’t think that you must need to post new updates every day. Social media is all about quality content and not quantitative. This is absolutely true when it is about the audience as well as the amount of content you like to share. The frequencies of the posts which you want to share on social media platforms depend on the requirements. It depends generally on different networks, social media plans. Also, through these social media platforms, you can actually able to track your customers, know your feedback and also help to engage your customers directly.

Type of content you like to share :

Once you have chosen your social media platforms for your business the next important task which you should do is to make a plan. Make sure that all your posts must not be promotional based. The main objective of yours is to build a healthy relationship with your audience and grow your audience more. It’s not that every fan, follower, the connection will definitely turn into a customer. Once you know the usage of social media platforms and how you can execute them. If you have a small business then you can choose Facebook to promote your company to share useful information, news, blog posts, videos and much more. Most of the Kolkata web Development Company also advises using LinkedIn to establish the culture of your company.

Themes can really a very useful element when you are trying out a new plan for content. For Mondays stick to Monday motivation quotes while in Wednesday opt for Wisdom Tips. On Thursdays, you can post something from the past. Also, you can create some ‘evergreen content’ that can easily be recycled at regular intervals on social media for the entire year. Evergreen content generally doesn’t go out of the box and is always beneficial for your audience.

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