NFL Football – Fox’s Hiring Means A Change In Style For The Broncos

It may have surprised some that John Fox, fired by Carolina, resurfaced so quickly. His hiring by Denver is symbolic, I think, in that it represents Pat Bowlen’s desire to create a tougher edge around his team; to get back to basics after having such a scheme-oriented guy as Josh McDaniels previously. Denver might not try to get so cute, but then, how will the passing attack work? What will Tim Tebow’s role be? Will Brady Quinn be traded? Most importantly, what will the status of Kyle Orton be?

Orton, who for a while last year was on pace to break the all-time single-season yardage record, thrived under McDaniels in a way that was unknown to him during his tenure in Chicago. Orton has one more year left on this contract, but he is reportedly very available, and could be had for a second-round draft pick. Remember that John Elway is now the man in charge of the Broncos’ football fortunes, at least from the perspective of the front office, and he is a fan of Tebow. ข่าวบอล He says, “I know Tim has all the intangibles and is a good football player. Now we have to find out if he can become a very good quarterback.” That doesn’t sound like the kid will be holding a clipboard.

Fox held on to five of the offensive coaches who worked under McDaniels, and that is good news to them – including interim coach Eric Studesville, who’ll be running backs coach) as well as Mike McCoy, who previously worked with Fox in Carolina. Surely they are trying to capture some of what made McDaniels’ offense tick, but with a guy like Fox on the sidelines, I don’t expect that they will throw the ball all over the yard. Rather, I would look for a lot more balance, using Knowshon Moreno and getting another back who can make it more of a 1-2 punch behind whoever the quarterback is. If Tebow is the starter, this offense will look drastically different.

One of Fox’s pet projects has to be to get something out of a defense that was God-awful before Mike Nolan arrived as defensive coordinator in 2009, very strong for a while, and then just gutted last year. Fox gets a head start in his mission as he will be getting back linebacker Elvis Dumervil, who led the league in sacks in 2009 but missed all of last year with a torn pectoral muscle, during which time Denver was last in the league in getting to the quarterback. Fox has always had pretty good pass rushers, and the Broncos may be going to a 4-3 defensive alignment. They get the second pick in the draft, and that’s where people think somebody like Auburn’s Nick Fairley might fit in quite nicely as their ready-to-go leader on the defensive front.

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