The New Streamline Funnel System – Just an MLM Program?

Isn’t the net full of lead generators? Some of those systems work and some are just a waste of time. But recently, there has been a buzz about a newly launched program called the Streamline Funnel System. So, why don’t we take a closer look at some of the claims that are made by the Streamline Funnel System.

The main website explains that creator, Paul Birdsall, used $92,000 to create his system. So, what is the Streamline Funnel System? After a little bit of research, pricing I have found that this is actually a software program that “legally and ethically” extracts subscribers from other targeted websites.

So, this system is actually a software program. Paul Birdsall claims that you will get 10,000 subscribers on auto-pilot in 7 days. We know that those leads will be extracted from other types of websites. But, we really can’t be sure of how that works. The Streamline Funnel System website calls this system Web 3.0. We can’t be completely sure, but it really looks like this method would gain you some subscribers. But, aren’t you wondering how targeted those subscribers will really be?

The home page of the Streamline Funnel System boasts many claims, from gaining 10,000 subscribers to spending under 10 bucks to start. It also says that members won’t have to sell or explain the system to others. It tells us that members will never need to involve themselves in cold-calling or selling to people in your family.

So, what can you really make of this? Lots of programs make claims like this. Try to think of the last program that asked you to make cold calls or sell things to your family. Plus, a lot of programs out there today are based on referring other people through your own turn-key site. I can only assume that, even though you won’t be convincing any one to join under you, you will need to really promote this Streamline Funnel System program to see any real results.

If you do some more research about the Streamline Funnel System, you learn about the compensation plan that they offer. Even though you can earn 10,000 subscribers in 7 days, you are able to purchase additional packages of 10,000 if you’re willing to pay a little more.

So, it sounds like members are going to be hoping that their downline will buy additional packages. This sounds to me, like the Streamline Funnel System will be based on an MLM plan. You will want people in your downline to purchase, so you can make money. This isn’t really a bad plan, I just don’t think that it is centered about building a list of subscribers.

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