Was Darwin Wrong? Big Bang Theory Collides With Science

How many times have we been told about the big bang theory? Most of us have been told that it is a fact. It is the very foundation of the theory of evolution.

But is there a problem with this theory?

Yes. The big bang theory directly contradicts a major law of physics.

We have probably all seen the equation E=MC2 (E=MC squared) written on chalk boards of science classes in movies or in a real science class.

This is the first law of thermodynamics.

One of things that this law implies is that there is only a limited amount of energy and/or matter in the universe. So if we go back far enough (all energy and matter is brought back to a point in time) we would be at the beginning point in time (this does not mean that all energy and matter is at one point, however).

Imagine a movie where everything is rewound to the very beginning.

If we knew the amount of energy and matter that is in our universe we could go back to a beginning point in time. That would be, of course, if we could tell how much is being used up each day.

An example of what this would be similar to having 500 gallons of gasoline to begin with in my tank on my farm, and I used an estimated 10 gallons a day.

If I had only 40 gallons left after today, I could figure out approximately when the 500 gallon tank was filled (assuming it was not refilled on one of the days between today and when it was first filled). I would not have to be exact, but I certainly could figure out that approximately 46 days ago the tank was full.

Our universe would be similar in that if there was a certain amount of energy and/or matter being used every day, and I could determine the amount of matter and/or energy that the universe began with, then I could go back and find a beginning point.

The implications are that since there is only so watch big bang theory online much energy (a finite amount), that this energy would have all dissipated over time.

There was a time when ‘the gas tank was full’ or else all energy would be used up by now.

There was a beginning.

And that would imply that there was absolutely nothing before that time. The big bang theory then relies on the impossible.

This beginning would be a miracle, because one second there would be no matter/energy and the next second there would be. But the theory of evolution has no room for any miracles.

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